Meet Me

Simon Creber - Director

Simon Creber is a highly accomplished recruitment professional with a wealth of experience in the industry. He has established himself as a respected figure in the recruitment community, known for his exceptional knowledge, expertise, and commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Simon began his career in recruitment over a decade ago, working for some of the largest and most successful recruitment firms in the UK. He quickly gained a reputation for his ability to identify and attract top talent for a wide range of clients, spanning multiple industries and sectors.

Throughout his career, Simon has honed his skills in candidate sourcing, screening, and selection, as well as building strong relationships with clients and candidates alike. He has a proven track record of placing high-quality candidates in a range of roles, from entry-level positions to senior executive roles.

Simon is also deeply passionate about the recruitment industry, and he is always looking for new and innovative ways to help his clients and candidates achieve their goals. He is a regular attendee at industry events and conferences, where he shares his insights and expertise with fellow recruitment professionals.

In addition to his work in recruitment, Simon has a range of personal interests that he enjoys pursuing in his free time. He is an avid sports fan, with a particular interest in football and rugby playing weekly for a local team. He also enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures, and he has visited many countries around the world.